New and Improved Archives of Cathedral of Christ the King!

New and Improved Archives of Cathedral of Christ the King!

Welcome to the Cathedral of Christ the King’s Archives Site! We have been in the process of updating and revamping our digital archives in order to increase access of our history and bring to life the numerous historical pictures and documents that often find permanent residence in the basement of the rectory and the attics of our homes.

This Archives Site belongs to you – the Parishioners of the Cathedral of Christ the King and the surrounding community. It is a place for you to tell your story and contribute to the rich history of our parish and school.

We hope you enjoy the photos and historical information shared through this site. The Archives Ministry at CTK, together with the technical expertise and generosity of the website design and development firm Fusioncorps, has created an up-to-date and searchable archival site that is a living document library.

We welcome your historical contributions to the site. If you have photos, slides, programs, bulletins or newspaper articles featuring the parish or school we would love include them on this site.

We have provided a finding aid in order to guide users when searching our digital archives. On this finding aid, you will also find the collections that are in the process of getting digitized, but not yet available online. All collections, whether in digital or physical format, are available to be viewed upon request.

Come back to the website frequently for updates and new digitized collections!

If you are interested in joining the Archival Ministry or want to schedule an appointment to view collections, please contact

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