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Contribute to CTK Archives by donating records in any format that showcase the history of the parish and/or accomplishments of all within the parish community. Through the CTK Archives memories and people will live on forever further highlighting the past, inspiring the present, and shaping future!
  • CTK Archives respects and protects privacy and anonymity, so if the contributor would prefer to remain anonymous, input "Anonymous" as the first name and "Donor" as the last name
  • Provide us with your email, so we contact you with any questions related to the donated collection. If you prefer to remain anonymous, then you do not need to fill out this field.
  • Please provide us with a description of the contributed content. This will aid in ensuring the collection is accurately and respectfully archived and showcased with as much detail as possible
  • Please provide dates of the donated records. If there is any uncertainty with the dates, then provide an estimate or range to the best of your knowledge.
  • Attach the donated records here. If there are any issues attaching the files, then contact CTK Archives at and we can assist with this process. If you are contributing images, pictures should be a minimum of 300 dpi.
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  • Feel free to indicate any additional information related to the collection. You may also indicate requests or preferences that pertain to the usage or description of the archival contribution.